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Marsus: Survival on Mars MOD

Marsus: Survival on Mars MOD

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  • Yêu cầu Android: 4.2 trở lên
  • Cài đặt: 100+
  • Ngày xuất bản/cập nhật: 9 tháng 3, 2019

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Game mới sẽ được update tại ae vui lòng ghé qua.

Miêu tả

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Marsus: Survival on Mars is a game from Invictus Studio, made in the genre of SANDBOX-SURVIVAL! Then you have to survive on Mars after an unsuccessful landing, there are no living creatures on Mars, but it seems that you will soon run out of oxygen and the food needs to be done.


Marsus: Survival on Mars MOD - 1.1 MOD free craft

  • Free craft

  • Unlimited life, hunger, oxygen

The landscape of Mars is made very high quality, destruction and shaders are made at a high level.

The game has a good optimization, there are graphics settings and a change in screen resolution.

Complete freedom of action, the system of crafting, construction, survival, the creation of a farm, day and night, and not only!

Make a farm, grow plants in it right on Mars! Create a drill that digs for you, improve the plasma.

Convenience is most important! Invictus Studio has developed minimalistic controls with high-quality design and an intuitive interface.

Want more variety? Creative mode for you, unlimited access to all objects of the game, created for creativity

Buying our game, you help the project in development. You can also help us by sending an e-mail to your ideas and suggestions, noticed bugs.

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